Michael Luehrs

General Manager

Since 2013



Among the first things I said to Erin, my wife since 2008, was ‘I grew up in Omak, WA, home of the Omak Stampede and Suicide Race’. She reminds me that this was neither helpful nor requested information. I’m grateful that she stayed to later become a mother to our daughter, Imogene, who, along with our Shih-Tzus, Maddie and Buster, occupy much of our time. I have my daughter, Viveka, born in 2000, who resides in Stockholm, Sweden, who is every bit as wonderful as I tell people. As a youth from the high desert of the Western United States, I grew up to serve as a United States Marine, where I was afforded the opportunity to serve as part of a security force in El Salvador and Sweden. I’ve since spent 24 inspiring and challenging years with hotels in the states of Texas, Idaho, California, Washington and now Wisconsin. I enjoy gardening, mowing the lawn, riding bicycles, discovering new podcasts, and walking in new places. I feel that my purpose is to help to connect people and to be of service to others.

Favorite Quote

‘The greatest use of a human is to be useful… to do something for someone else that improved their life, even for a few minutes.”- Dave Eggers